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My own story cards

“Who loves Jane?” asks your little one’s storybook, and the answers are as varied as the photographs in this easy-to-make set of story cards.

Little ones are beginning to understand different emotions right now, even if they can’t quite verbalise them, but one they really understand is the feeling of loving someone or something else!

This is obvious as you start to notice how they attach from week to week to a favourite teddy bear, Auntie Sue or the neighbour’s dog! Try to keep up with these new feelings with this activity.

You’ll need a scrapbook or photo album. Cover it with colourful paper and put your little one’s name on the front. Glue or paste each photo to a piece of card and write the name of the person or pet and what they love such as “Grandma loves to give hugs”; “Candy the cat loves to snuggle”; “Daddy loves to read stories”; “Mummy loves to dance!” under each photo. Attach the...


Gross motor development (babies)

In one of our PlayLabs recently a mum was saying how her football-mad husband sometimes dashes home from work for “kick-off time” – and no, this doesn’t mean watching his team playing in the Premiership, rather their three-month-old boy on his playmat.

Dad puts baby on the mat and oohs and aaahs as his son reaches out with his arms and legs, usually with a baby gym overhead. To mum it looks like a crazy frog dance but dad likes to think he’s nurturing the next generation’s Messi. This is how your little one begins to develop their gross motor skills.

Good to know about your baby’s gross motor development

Gross motor development involves the use of large muscle groups, for the development of head control, sitting, crawling and eventually walking.

Baby first gains control of his head, then his shoulders and then his abdomen and so on down to his feet. Developing head control first allows your baby to visually explore everything around him.



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